Ship Of Fools

by Watchword

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Watchword is Jonah, Charlie, Sam, Harris, Josh and Thatcher from Montclair, New Jersey


released August 16, 2011

Recorded by Pigeon Gang Records



all rights reserved


Watchword Montclair, New Jersey

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Track Name: Our Three Watchwords
I should've had more faith in what i knew. there are still some people i cant abuse. i still wish that id run away. so i wouldnt. grow up and face these growing pains. its not your fault wanna fall away? i wish that i could still take back. that one kiss.
That linked us. forever. in my mind and i cant. stop thinking. what it would lead to but thats just nothing. that i would. want to see. or find out i want us to be two strangers. parting ways. never to return.
I think this time i know when im wrong. ive been taking walks to clear my head. and this time ive found out my thoughts are stuck. and i cant make any big decisions. my thoughts loop and loop.
I'll make up my mind with this whole thing. when i can find a peace offering. ive learned that i am growing up. and losing face. with m y self over everything. its all my fault im sad to say. i wish that i could still take back. that one kiss.
Track Name: Stella By Starlight
I went home at 9:30 tonight, just in time to miss my friends chug 30 cans of beer and watch TV. But what's new? I'll just catch tomorrow, because we've been on repeat for years.

We're that sitcom that everyone loves, but without the funny jokes or happy endings. But that's a tired cliche, and I'm tired of dealing with it. I want to be proud of our achievements but we constantly cheapen them. Just like the cheap alcohol we buy to inundate our senses and convince ourselves we're falling in love with everyone else.

Fuck that, I don't want to be sober anyway. I'm living in daydreams, you're clad in starlight. What an unfortunate coincidence. I've waited so long for this, but nothing's gonna change. You'll stay the same wreck that I hate.

We'll wake up and realize we've wasted the best days of our lives. Tomorrow I'll wake up and realize I've wasted the best days of my life, sitting here, wondering what's right to think. I've been listening to my mom make half serious jokes about killing herself, and I just want to know why everythings so bad. I'll have to get up and face my fears, but for now I'm paralyzed.
Track Name: CollegeBound
Were college bound and eager to run off and be on our own. I know I’m ready to leave this dead end town and all these numbed feelings im shown. Im college bound and I know that Im never coming back. Goodbye family and friends its been one long heart attack.

I don’t want to learn what I don’t want to know. Why did you take me here? Im not bound to this. But I cant leave right now. I couldn’t leave back then. I cant break these bars. Im still college bound.

Reject me, accept me, you're just like the cliques in high school. I hate this stress, who are you to tell me if I'm good at something? Good job learning useless knowledge.
I know how to think I'm ready to learn my way.

Im not letting you tear me down any longer. If this is what it takes to climb societies ladder then this isn’t for me and I'd like to go.
Track Name: Magikarp Splashin' On Homies
Go in tall grass. And fight away. Find your best friend. Splash everyday. A Garados. The magikarp way. Professor Oak and son Gary.
I need to find a way back home to Pallet town.
The islands and nation states. Adventures for someone else. I wish it was too late. Magikarp splash about.
Take this chance to catch one get screwed. Get rich, train well, create, dont tell. get sick get well trade cards shell bell. I know i dont need to tell you.
Splashing. Trading. The only uses.
Watching. Waiting. For it to turn.
Into. Evolve. To something useful.
Fucking. Magikarp.
The islands and nation states. Adventures for someone else. I wish it was too late. Magikarp splash about.

Heartfelt thoughts won't make sense while I can't be honest with myself.

I won't listen.
Track Name: John Lee And A Semester Abroad
We’re sitting on your couch drinking whiskey straight from the bottle and I'm eyeing all the things I cant have. If I could sum up succinctly, my emotions, it wouldn’t be.

“I'm sixteen, date me” but more along the lines of “I wish I could think the way I am” and that’s. my life. Put as bluntly as possible. I'm not into it, over it. But there, should still, be some consideration, I see through you're elaboration. One day, I'll find, these words have lost their weight, making it so much clearer.

You're the most chronically afraid person I know, and that's okay.

I'm growing up, and for what?

For what?

Let's weave this god damn narrative. So let's be generic teenage kids. If that's what it take to feel alright.